The Synergy Challenge is your complete online system to transform your habits and get what you ultimately want: lasting weight loss and health!

Doctor and Fitness Instructor Developed - No other program like this exists

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It's not about breaking your diet, it's about breaking the habits...
Creating NEW habits that FORGE a lifestyle that focuses on wellness to obtain your weight-loss Goals that last forever.
Are you tired of the yo-yo results and diets?
Does it feel like you take 3 steps forward, and then two steps back again? Any pound or ounce you do lose, you end up gaining back over the weekend? The Synergy Challenge teaches you how to change your daily lifestyle so you aren't yo-yo-ing on the scale or having to starve yourself on a diet that isn't sustainable. You will learn the true habits that will not only result in hitting your goals, but also in maintaining the change for the rest of your life.

Finally obtain the harmony of weight-loss results with wellness habits.
ready to get rid of the anxiety and stress surrounding food?
Have you ever worried about an upcoming holiday or trip, simple because you have made some progress and don't want to get off track?

I used to LIVE in that state - never truly embracing happiness and the moment, because I was stressed out about eating out, traveling, or over-indulging during the holidays... only to then self-sabotage and gain back all the weight.

The Synergy Challenge will TEACH you how to not only eat out with ease, but to LIVE life again instead of worrying about it. 

Another bonus? No subscription programs to food, powders, replacement shakes, etc that are expensive, end up taking space in your cupboards, and don't teach you the skills for true health AFTER the diet is over. 
Ever felt intimidated at the gym?
I get it - the gym itself can be daunting and expensive. You don't know where to start, or it gets overwhelming, so you don't end up going to the gym. Perhaps you feel like you have to hire an expensive personal trainer just to start seeing some results. 

The Synergy Challenge simplifies the workouts. I come to you, in the comfort and privacy of your home, with online workout videos. You get a certified fitness instructor teaching you the movements, form, what to do, how long to do it, and even with modifications. The best part? No gym or equipment! Just an open mind and your fave stretch pants. 

40 pounds overweight. I couldn't lose the pounds no matter what I tried. Exhausted, overwhelmed, and frustrated. 
Sound familiar? 

It wasn't until I discovered the true secret to weight loss that I was able to see change - and you will be surprised, it isn't the perfect diet, restriction of food, or hours at the gym.

Instead, it is a holistic and sustainable approach to overall wellness and health. I discovered the habits, daily practices, and routines that improved my health, but ultimately gave me what I wanted: RESULTS that LAST.

Now I want to share this information with you. EMPOWERING you and women just like you to reach for a better version, ALL with the tools you need at your fingertips with 24 hour access.  
Health is about the healing

At my worst, I was 40 pounds heavier, stressed to the max, and only sleeping about 1-2 hours a day. No matter what I ate or how long I worked out, I couldn't lose a single pound. For years I was resigned to the belief that I would never get myself back, that I would never feel confident again, but ultimately that I wouldn't be around much longer to enjoy life or a future with my husband and family. 
I tried it all. Personal trainers, hours at the gym, quick-fix cleanses, MLM programs with meal-replacement powders and shakes, and even a darker path with food restriction and a disordered view of food. 
Even if these fad, quick fixes worked in the short term, in the long-run I would gain the weight back, and then some. 

Have you ever had that happen?

What was the change? I had to change my HABITS, my true health routines, and restore my body with a holistic view of health+wellness. One that didn't include the quick fixes, but healed my body from within. 

Learning how to eat and properly fuel my body with nutrient rich foods, heal my anxiety and insomnia so my body could rest and restore, and incorporating the proper time+type+tempo of working out (aka NOT hours at the gym), combined with true lifestyle habits were the key to unlocking the weight loss. Weight loss that not only meant fitting into my old jeans, but keeping the weight off. 

Most importantly? I got my energy and outlook on LIFE back. Energy, happiness, joy, and ability to be around for my husband, family, and friends.

Are you ready to quit the fad diets, the up-and-down results, and learn the lifestyle health habits that result in sustainable weight loss? Then The Synergy Challenge is for you. 

Use this area to tell your story.
Talk about your failure when you first started looking for a solution. Maybe there was a conspiracy against you, a false belief, a misunderstanding.
Show how the traditional methods didn't work and you were super frustrated.
Then, you had an ah-ha moment that brought you the result, benefit, solution you were looking for.

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As Seen On...
 What will your new life look like with your health back, the extra weight gone?
Energy for your dreams, goals, family, and future!
What will the best version of you look like?
  • No more being overwhelmed by complicated programs.
  • ​No complicated calorie counting or weighing food
  • ​no more up and down on the scale
  • ​No gym memberships or expensive equipment
  • ​No expensive meal kits, shakes, or cleanses
  • ​No anxiety surrounding eating out, holidays, or traveling
  • No more procrastinating and feeling overwhelmed
  • A simple lifestyle that is centered around wellness and renders you results
  • Achieve Balance with nutrition, exercise, rest, and every day life
  • ​Understanding real nutrition in a way that will help you break free from the dieting mindset
  • Life-long results that are sustainable 
  • happiness, energy, and joy!​
And MUCH More!

Meet Dr. Chris and Deidra Murphy

Hi there and welcome to The Synergy Challenge, created by Dr. Chris and Deidra Murphy. Together, we developed a unique and complete health+wellness system and lifestyle program that not only gets your health back, but results in sustainable weight loss. 

Dr. Chris is a holistic health practitioner and wellness expert, and a Doctor of Chiropractic. Both online and in his practice at Newedge Wellness Center, Dr. Chris teaches patients about the 5 Foundations of Holistic Health: Food, Function, Fitness, Filter, and Freedom. Dr. Chris has been in practice since 2011, and currently lives in Eastern Washington with his wife and Synergy Challenge co-creator, Deidra. Listen to The Dr. Chris Show podcast right here for your daily dose of health and wellness information and interviews with leading health experts.  

Deidra is a former Mrs. Washington (2017) and pageant competitor with a bachelor’s degree in education. Upon leaving the formal classroom setting, she dedicated her life to continuing to teach and educate women in the realms of style, image, and health with her consulting business Style by Deidra. After developing a passion for exercise, she even became a certified fitness instructor, continuing to inspire other women to stop making excuses and start moving. For your one-stop shop on style, image, health and beauty, listen to her podcast right here, Miss Style, Strength, and Grace. 

ARe you ready for the results with the Synergy challenge without any more...
wasted time and money At a Gym....
Wasted money on EXPENSIVE programs & Equipment...
 no more frustration, overwhelm, or confusion
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The Synergy Challenge. 
The Synergy Challenge is your complete online system to transform your habits and get what you ultimately want: lasting weight loss and health!A complete system that combines wellness and weight-loss like never before. 
A complete health transformation program and resource for sustainable weight loss.  

Doctor and fitness instructor developed -  just for you, all from the comfort of your home.  

What's included
Daily Workouts 
Access to over 150 workout videos! 
Don’t waste time figuring out your workout while you’re at the gym or at home again! Learn the BEST techniques from your personal at-home fitness instructor, Deidra while also eliminating injury and reducing soreness. 

18 Day Challenge Kickoff
An 18 day step by step introduction to the Synergy Lifestyle. No more being overwhelmed by complicated programs. We will focus on just 1 small task each day and take it slow.

Complete Meal Plans:
Weekly Meal Plans made by Dr. Chris and Deidra Murphy. Breaking down  exactly what to eat and when to eat it with 100's of delicious recipes. We keep it simple, keep it fresh. No culinary arts degree required to enjoy healthy and delicious meals, plus watch the recipe videos for fool-proof preparation. 

Matching Grocery List
An exact, organized, categorized checklist to fill your grocery cart, saving you time on your grocery runs. Don’t you hate wasting money on food you can't eat?

Eating Out Survival Guide
Eat out & travel (or get it delivered) and still lose weight! Now you will go out to eat prepared and ready to thrive. Don't cancel on your friends or family ever again.

Lifestyle Checklist
 Strive to complete your Lifestyle Checklist each day. These are the habits that will create a lifestyle of success.It's not about perfection, it's about progress. Don’t focus on the losses, focus on the wins. 
A complete step by step system & resource to living well and getting results!
If you’re not 100% satisfied with the System within 7 days, we will offer you a full refund!
I want you to SUCCEED. So it’s not here is what I’m going to do…
I am offering you the Synergy Challenge for only $37 a month - that is less than your average gym membership, and a gym doesn't customize meal plans or workouts for you!
No Minimum Contract. No Hidden Fees. No Long Term Commitments. Cancel Anytime.

If you join now, you'll also get these bonuses:
Exclusive Abs of Envy Section
10 Ab workouts solely focused on toning and tightening your core. Say goodbye to that muffin top!

exercise tutorials
Get one on one training for every single exercise and movement with my video tutorial for every exercise. Need to modify a movement? I break down how to do that as well!
Want to take me grocery shopping with you and learn the secrets to how to shop with success? You can now! Watch my virtual grocery shopping video and I'll teach you how to shop for the best items at your local store.  
10 Fat Melting Cardio-Crusher Plans:
These hyper focused, easy to do, fat burning cardio plans will keep your heart rate in the perfect fat burning zone for hours AFTER you are done working out.
exclusive webinars from Dr. Chris
Get immediate access to webinars from Dr. Chris that have typically only been provided to clinical patients. Restore your health starting now!
Quick Meals healthy library
Short on time and hungry? Watch my quick meals healthy library videos and have a tasty, nutritious meal ready in minutes. 
Get Monthly Access to The Synergy System Today! 

Normally Priced: $197

Start Your Monthly Subscription for only $37 per month!

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What got you here, won't get you 
You Want to be
Get Monthly Access to The Synergy System Today! 

Normally Priced: $197

Start Your Monthly Subscription for only $37 per month!

frequently asked questions
I really hope this works for me, I’ve tried a million things to lose this weight before
Trust the process, and it will work - believe my results and the weight loss of thousands of other women this system has helped! I believe we have found the perfect formula between variety and simplicity. Dr. Chris and I have taken out all the guess work of weight loss and made it stress-free for you.
I’m a vegetarian or vegan - will this work for me?" or the opposite “Can I still eat meat doing this?
YES and YES! The meat options are very easy to substitute your favorite stuff in and make accommodations. If you do eat meat, then you can still continue to eat it.

I’m gluten-intolerant will this work for me?
YES! 100%. Yes, this program helps you stear clear of gluten, because I'm personally gluten intolerant. There are only a few times for you to make a substitute and they are listed!
I don’t know if the timing is right to start. Maybe I’ll start in a couple weeks
Don't put your health and yourself on the back burner any more. Procrastination is what has contributed to where you are now. The "Quick Meals" section is perfect to jump into at anytime, and then once Monday rolls around for any new week that starts, you can get rolling! Plus my 18 day lifestyle hacks series will fast track your weight loss goals and mental focus!
Is the meal plan only for one person or a family?"
All of the Meals and Recipe are setup for one person but they are simple to double, triple, or quadruple.

Will this help me fight my cravings?
The truth is – the foods you have eaten create cravings, it isn’t your fault. The only way to overcome those cravings is by giving your body the nutrients it needs consistently! Once you start eating the foods in the Synergy Challenge your cravings will start to disappear. Don’t worry there will be a time and place for that cheat treat!
What if I don’t have a gym membership or my gym is closed?
That is perfect! WE designed The Synergy Challenge so any woman can do these workouts from home with little to no equipment. Whether you are a gym novice or a gym rat, these at-home workouts will have you toned in no time! Full disclosure, 80% of losing weight is about the nutrition and eating habits.
You’re probably thinking "what’s the catch?"
The catch is this still requires work! the habits that got you here won’t get you to where you WANT to be. If you want different results, you need some new habits. You WILL succeed because you're ready for this! Now try it, its only $37!



Normally Priced: $197

Today's Price = $37 per month 
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