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Weekly Lifestyle Platform

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Weekly Lifestyle Platform

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Access to the Synergy Facebook Family

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So What All Does the Synergy Challenge Membership Include?

  • Challenge Kickoff: An 18 day step by step introduction to the Synergy Lifestyle. No more being overwhelmed by complicated programs.  We will focus on just 1 small task each day and take it slow.

  • Lifestyle Checklist: Strive to complete your Lifestyle Checklist each day. It's okay, you won't be perfect everyday. Don’t focus on the loses, focus on the wins :)

  • Complete Meal Plan: Exactly what to eat and when to eat it. We keep it simple, keep it fresh. Thank GOD you DO NOT have to be a Master Chef for this to work ;)

  • Matching Grocery List: An exact, organized, categorized checklist to fill your grocery cart. Don’t you hate wasting money on food you won’t eat?

  • Exclusive Abs of Envy Section: Focused solely on toning and tightening your core. Say goodbye to that muffin top!

  • Complete Healthy Recipe Archive: Over 100 AMAZING and SIMPLE Recipes and counting: After this you will have no doubt that healthy tastes amazing. No culinary arts degree required ;)

  • 10 Fat Melting Cardio-Crusher Plans: These hyper focused, easy to do, fat burning cardio plans will keep your heart rate in the perfect fat burning zone.

  • A NEW Workout 6 days a Week:  Don’t waste time figuring out your workout while you’re at the gym or at home again! Why not every day? Rest days are key!

  • Tutorial Video for EVERY Exercise: New to this whole workout thing? Learn the BEST techniques from a pro.  Trainer who? ;)

  • “Lifestyle Hacks” Video Series: Create the foundation for your new healthy lifestyle. Let’s destroy the myths and expose the TRUTH.

  • At-Home-Workouts: No Gym Membership? No time? No Problem. The stay at home mom, or the career diva can get it done!

  • Eating Out Survival Guide: I refuse to let you become a recluse! Eat out and still lose weight? Now you will go out to eat prepared!

  • Quick Meals Healthy Library: Need something now before the HANGRY monster gets out? Healthy meals prepared in 10 minutes or less. For those that don't have the time to spend in the kitchen. These are my favs!

  • BONUS: Virtual Grocery Store Shopping Video.  Follow me as I shop at my local grocery store and avoid all the FAT tricks of the food industry!

From someone who has Tried It All, this would cost you THOUSANDS…


I want you to SUCCEED. So here is what I’m going to do…


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You're Probably Thinking...

“I really hope this works for me, I’ve tried a million things to lose this weight before”…

Well, it worked for me, and thousands before you, so work it, and it will work for you!  I believe I have found the perfect formula between variety and simplicity. Most plans are too complex for the average person that isn't a “Foodie Guru” or gym rat.... but not this one!


You’re probably wondering "is this a scam??"…

NOOOOOOOO!!!! What kind of person do you think I am?!  I just have a passion to help people!


You’re probably thinking "I’m a vegetarian will this work for me?" or the opposite “Can I still eat meat doing this?”…

YES and YES! The meat options are very easy to substitute your favorite stuff in. I personally love meat, some say I might be a bit of a carnivore! :)


You’re probably thinking "I’m gluten intolerant will this work for me?”…

YES! 100%. Yes, this program stirs clear of gluten, because I'm personally Gluten Intolerant. There are only a few times for you to make a substitute and they are listed!


You’re probably thinking "I don’t know if the timing is right to start. Maybe I’ll start in a couple weeks”…

Don’t do that to yourself anymore!  Procrastination is what has contributed to where you are now.  The "Quick Meals" section is perfect to jump into at anytime, and then once Monday rolls around for any new week that starts, you can get rolling!


You’re probably thinking "is the meal plan only for one person or a family?"…

All of the Meals and Recipe are setup for one person but they are simple to double, triple, or quadruple.


You’re probably thinking "this all sounds great, but what about fighting my cravings?"…

The truth is – the foods you have eaten create cravings like a heroin.  The only way to overcome those cravings is by giving your body the nutrients it needs…consistently!  Once you start eating the foods in the Synergy Challenge your cravings will start to disappear.  Don’t worry there will be a time and place for that cheat meal!


You’re probably thinking "I don’t have a gym membership, can I do the workouts?"…

2 options here. A membership at Golds Gym, Planet Fitness or pick your flavor, OR there are a ton of At-Home Workouts in The Synergy Challenge page that will kick your butt! Full disclosure, 80% of losing weight is in what you eat!


You’re probably thinking "what’s the catch?"…

The catch is this still requires work!!!! If you want different results, you need some new habits.  You WILL succeed because you're ready for this! Now try it already it's free for crying out loud! :)