Are you sure I'm not signing up for something with a commitment, contract, or "cancellation fee"?  

100% sure. You can cancel your free trial or membership at anytime with zero charges or fees.


How do I cancel if I no longer want my membership?

All you have to do is send an email to support@thesynergychallenge.com and we will take care of it.


My goals might be different than somebody else, how do I know your plan will work for me? 

The plans and programs in the Synergy Weight Loss Challenge are designed to get results. In contrast to what our media tells us, there is no quick fix to weight loss. The principles of health and weight loss are time tested. Staying consistent on the program no matter what your starting point will get exactly the results your looking for. 


What if I don't like one of the recipes or workouts?

Everything in the Program is easy to switch out and substitute. Once you find what you like you can substitute when needed.  I’d be so excited for you if you started mixing and matching to create your own routine :)


Do I have to keep up with counting calories or macronutrients?

No counting necessary! We've done all the heavy lifting for you! If you still feel you need that extra accountability we have that resource for you.


I'm afraid of following a plan and ending up hungry, will this do that to me?

When you are eating the right foods, at the right times, this won’t happen to you. Starving yourself doesn’t create a lasting lifestyle, so I would never do that to you…or myself!  Recipes are based on proper nutrition so you don't have to worry. 


I'm gluten free, will this work for me?

Almost 100% of the recipes are gluten free, and on the ones that aren't the alternative is labeled on the grocery list.


I don't need to lose a bunch of weight, I just need to tone up. Is your plan right for me?

Yes this is good for anyone looking to tone up, lose a little, lose a lot, or just live a healthy lifestyle. 


If I take a break from the program and miss a week for some reason, will I be able to get right back on without being behind?

Yes! Not a problem. Life happens, I get it.  No one is perfect, not even me. If you fall off or take a break, it's easy to jump right back on track!


I'm already following a different meal plan/workout plan, can I just supplement or use the part of your program I need?

For sure! Like I said earlier the principles of health and weight loss stay the same. Whatever parts you need you can easily add in to your existing plan.


Do I have to buy a bunch of supplements or other products after I get your program?

Nope. If you currently spend money on groceries or going out to eat, it won't cost you anything more than what you’re paying now. 


Are the meal plans safe for me if I have a health condition or I'm pregnant/breastfeeding? 

100%. Everything is 100% safe for anyone as long as they don't have a specific food allergy.   If you still aren’t sure you can always consult your doctor.